Ankle Fractures

Ankle Fractures

I twisted my ankle and cannot walk on it.  Is it broken?

Severe sprains and simple ankle fractures often occur the same way and feel similar.  A simple xray in our office can make the determination.  More severe ankle fractures resulting in a deformity are obvious and often require IV medication in the Emergency Department allowing us to “set” these fractures appropriately.

Will I need surgery?

There is a wide range of ankle fractures and severity.  In general, fractures which are nondisplaced (essentially a crack but no separation between the bones) are treated with a cast, crutches, followed by physical therapy with the expectation of full recovery.  Fractures where there is significant displacement between the bones generally require an outpatient procedure to position the bones anatomically and secure them with a plate and screws.  We are able to make that determination in the office via xray during your office visit.

What is the recovery like?

This depends on the severity of your fracture but in general, a 4-6 week period of cast immobilization and crutches is needed for most fractures followed by a 4-6 week period of therapy before returning to all activities without restrictions.  This is generally similar whether the fracture requires surgery or not.

All the physicians at MCO are well versed in ankle fracture treatment both surgical and nonsurgical.  We will get you in and xrayed quickly and formulate the appropriate treatment plan at your office visit.