Our Story

Detroit is a city full of character. From the toughness of the Motor City’s auto industry to the artful soul of Motown Records, Detroit has unprecedented depth. It’s a city that has endured much turmoil yet tells a story of authenticity, grit, and resilience.

Our city inspires us. As healthcare has grown increasingly bureaucratic, we sought a return to authentic medicine in a practice focused solely on our patients. We love what we do and we love that we are free to do what is best for each individual patient.

An injury can be devastating. But, like our city, you are resilient and you were designed for redemption. The official Detroit city motto reads: Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus, which is Latin for “We hope for better things; it shall rise from the ashes.” We are determined to help you rise.

We are Motor City Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.


All of us share a deep dedication to our patients.

You Not Us

You are more than just a diagnosis or an injury. We tailor our treatment plan, focusing on your goals, to ensure you can live the life you want.


Each of us are committed to providing unparalleled excellence, compassion and the highest degree of technical skill.


We optimize decision-making by emphasizing evidence from current outcomes research.

Competitive State of Mind

All of us are former competitive athletes--we take that competitive intensity and apply it to the care of our patients.


Healing is a biologic process--caring is a human process. We strive to excel at both.