What To Expect At Your Office Visit

By nature, musculoskeletal injuries are often urgent which can lead to unpredictability in our office schedule.  We are aware and sensitive to the fact that your time is important and make every effort to get you in and out of the office as efficiently as possible.  

  • We are committed to giving each patient sufficient time to understand their treatment plan.  
  • We recommend you plan to spend up to 90 minutes at our office for new visits and 45 to 60 minutes for follow-up visits.



  • An xray is often necessary as part of your initial evaluation and these are performed in our office.  
  • Please obtain any prior xrays before your appointment as we prefer to avoid test repetition.  However, the technique with which the xrays were obtained may be such that we need to repeat several views for proper diagnosis.
  • If you have had a previous MRI, Ultrasound or CT scan, please obtain and bring the digital images with you to your appointment so we can review those images with you.


Previous surgery:  We see patients from throughout the Midwest who have had treatment elsewhere or who are seeking a second opinion.  We ask that any of the following be obtained:

  • Operative Reports
  • Timeline of previous treatments
  • Culture reports if you have had a previous infection
  • Nerve studies
  • Any prior imaging


Ideally these would be sent to our office prior to your visit so we can thoroughly review