What is Sports Medicine?

Team-Oriented Approach

At Motor City Orthopedics, we treat patients of every age – we see athletes from all four major professional sports, collegiate, high school, middle school levels, and recreational athletes. We also treat non-athletes who are looking for rapid recovery of lifestyle and function and who may be candidates for minimally invasive approaches.

While we frequently treat professional and collegiate athletes, we also recognize the importance of recreational sports in our community of patients who make a living otherwise. The term “weekend warrior” is often used when describing athletes in the community – we feel this term underestimates the importance of athletics to these patients. We recognize the importance of athletics and exercise to the physical and mental well-being of all people.

Regardless of age or ability, all patients are treated with the same high level of assessment and treatment. It is a team-oriented, coordinated approach to patient care, and we try to educate you along the way so you can make informed decisions.